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ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors

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  • Function: Mopping,Suction,Sweep,Wet and Dry
  • OBS sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body
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Everything you want to know about ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors

By our senior writer: William Rasmussen

I've been wanting to write this piece for a long time. And now I finally get to write the in-depth review of the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner! I, William Rasmussen, am used to write about appliances, because I have done so for years. You have hopefully seen my articles about the Headphone Active Noise Canceling SLVR by Smart Home and the Mainstays Pivoting High Velocity Utility Fan, #SBPC-160B, RED by Lasko. I also did a big piece on the Bird-X TX-Pro Transonic Pro Pest Repeller. So you might say I have the know-how to be writing about appliances. So naturally I was very happy when I got this product in the mail!


Since 2012 I've been watching Roomba1 so I am really excited that I am finally able to try the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner and writing this review for you guys. While searching for the best deal on this product I stumbled across this offer on Walmart (You can buy it here.) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. So I got my creditcard out and placed my order. With the standard same day delivery and free shipping it really is a bargain compared to the competitor brands and retailers. Later that day when my ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner was delivered I opened it and was overjoyed with what I saw. I might sound a bit biassed being a longtime Roomba customer but this product really steps it up quite a bit, which is immediately noticeable when opening the package. Now that I've been testing it for a couple of days now I feel like I know enough about the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner to write this review. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so enthusiastic about my brand new ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Best ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors deal


When reviewing appliances I usually begin with a summary, then a compact list of the pros and cons of the product after which you can find the rating and my conclusion and resources. So as you can read in the intro, I am really amazed by the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Roomba has really set a new standard with this one. The durability is fantastic, and frankly; it just looks super. I know looks aren't deciding with appliances, but it just needs to be addressed. I mean the price Walmart offered was and is by far the lowest so make sure to check them out when you are going to get one. As I have tested some alternatives before, I will say none come close to the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Just the flexibility alone crumbles all competition and the quality also seems to be top notch. The famous customer service of Roomba2 is always very happy to help if you have any kind of questions so if you ever run in to something with their products they'll be really supple with helping you find a solution. So just to recap; only positive things to say about the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors. Do read till the end tho because you there is a tiny surprise!


This pros list of the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner could be much longer, and is way longer than the conslist, but the description3 this site has will probably already say it all. Here is just a little piece: "

  • Function: Mopping,Suction,Sweep,Wet and Dry
  • OBS sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body
". So without further ado, this is the very much incomplete list:
  1. Cleaner
  2. Powerful Suction
  3. Control Super Quiet
  4. Carpet
  5. The amazing looks.
  6. The quality is great.
  7. It is everything it promises to be.
  8. $159.99 is just a steal comparing to the alternatives.
  9. There is no brand like Roomba when it comes to appliances.
  10. The durability is very nice, so better for the environment.
  11. In this price range, no other product coming out will be matching the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner for a long time to come.


When thinking of cons for the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner I had a way harder time. Sure, lower prices is always better4 and do you really need this premium quality? That's for yourself to decide. Here is the list:

  1. Maybe the way the product looks is not to your taste.
  2. It's a premium product so maybe you don't need this level of quality.
  3. The ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is so popular that soon everybody will have one.

Best Roomba product in years


You won't be shocked after everything I said before that I'm giving the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors 100/100, an A+ and 5 stars5. People in other reviews I've seen online sometimes say that Roomba can never top the success of this product and maybe they're right, but maybe we can just dream ahead and see what they come up with next. So let's just enjoy the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner while it's hot!


Verdict and Conclusion

If you are in the market for a new ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Walmart has really made it easy for you6. You can buy the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner HERE for the unbeatable price of $159.99. This product really is worth every cent and you will not regret it for an instant. I've really tried to be completely fair in this review but if you still don't trust it, feel free to check out other reviews, they will tell you no different. All I can say is that I wholeheartedly recommend the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors to anyone and their mothers. But enough praise for Roomba. Just buy it and enjoy your new ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Remote Control, Super Quiet Design for Thin Carpet and Hard Floors!

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Other Reviews


Very surprised by how well it worked!

When we first put Neato to work its like she had to test out the area before she could do a certain area. We watched it go to the bedroom and it wasn't sure at first if it should do that area it actually skipped our bedroom and did the whole house and when was done with all of the rooms it went back to the bedroom and it actually finished vacuuming that room. It then returned to the charging station after about 1.25 hours of vacuuming on a 1500 square foot floor. Second time out we actual put the chairs up on the table and moved a few things so Neato wouldn't have to speed needless time going around furniture. It just does a better job and is much more efficient when you move objects out of its way, no different than doing the vacuuming manually. One more thing about Neato she never got stuck anywhere while going under a table a chairs that amazed me! It does and excellent job on pet hair we have 2 dogs in our house and we vacuum Tuesdays and Fridays.


Neato Robotic Vacuum

This is our second Neato. We liked the first one, and bought a second one. As a whole the Neato is very satisfactory. It cleans really well and does a good job picking up pet hair. We got it for its anti-allergy feature. It has good suction but is noisy, which is to us a fair trade-off. HOWEVER, although I would recommend this product don't buy it unless you also get an extended maintenance agreement of at least 3 years. In the 3 years that we had it, it was sent to repair 4 times. Although the warranty gave us shipping labels for free shipping, preparing it for shipping and doing without it up to one month is a nuisance. The last time it was sent for repair, it could not be repaired and we received a full refund from the Walmart warranty company. We used that money to buy the new one. We got a 5-year warranty this time. I thought about buying a more expensive one but the more bells and whistles it has, the more things can break. So stuck to basics and simple. Controlling a vacuum cleaner with a smart phone is cute but to me is silly.


One of our BEST purchases ever!

We really didn't have the greatest expectations for this item with a dog & 2 cats in the house, & figured we'd be pulling out the big vac ever so often for a really good clean. But, boy, were we surprised. It picks up an amazing about of dirt & hair each time we run it, usually every 2 days. The ONLY issue experienced was docking rt after we bought it. It ran it's first course & went back to the base to charge. Then after resuming the cycle after charging, it couldn't quite make it back to the base. Well, the manual says to be sure to fully discharge the battery the first few times used, and by golly, they mean it. I had to make it start another round to run the battery down after it ran partial cycles, then turned it off & returned it to base to charge. After doing that 3 or 4 times, now it runs approx 1 1/2 cycles each time to do a full clean with zero issues. Four months later, it still picks up so much dirt & hair every other day, I just habitually go ahead & empty the bin each time it goes back to charge. This little machine cleans every square inch of my house, & I highly recommend this over the other brands that randomly bounce around & maybe clean half the floor area. Hands down one of the best purchases we've ever made.


Rosie gets it done...

Recently moved into a new home and felt I deserved a maid. This is my first robotic vacuum but my sister owns the round guy. I was never impressed with its random bump and wander process. Always thought it was inefficient. Neato was able to guide along the wall and work around table legs and furniture. Great on the hardwood and had no trouble going from tile to rug in the living room. Cleaned everywhere it could reach. With 2 large rooms and a bathroom it took less than 1 hr. I have a Golden that is a hair shedding machine. The Neato has no problem getting it all including dust bunnies under the bed. The bin is large enough and easy to empty and put back. I [program 10 AM for each day of the week or just hit the clean button to use when I choose. I sometimes just enjoy sitting and watch it work. My Neato now named Rosie is not only helpful at cleaning, but fun to watch as well.


Life changing

I spent hours researching different robotic vacuums before deciding on the Neato D80. This model doesn’t have blu tooth or app capability, but it’s so simple to set up. I liked that this had a larger canister, moves in a straight line pattern, and made for pet hair. It runs smoothly and really tries to get itself unstuck. There are a few problem areas that I have to use the magnetic strips or move furniture. When I first used the robot I couldn’t believe how much it picked up! Even the next day I did the same area and it filled the canister. My allergies feel better and my floors look so clean. I’m able to pick up just the robot and clean different floors without lugging the charging stand. I would recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with a lot of technology but wants clean worry free floors. I wanted a robot for years but worried about my dog who tries to “play” with my standard vacuum. This is quieter and he ignores the new machine. I run this manually and generally have the dogs on the opposite floors.